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League Boundary Rules and Policies

Confirm that PSLL is your zoned Little League by entering your player's home or school address into  Little League International's League Finder


In order to participate in Peter Stuyvesant Little League (PSLL), your player’s home or school address must fall within our Little League International charted zone.  To determine your player’s zoned league, enter your player’s home or school address into Little League International's League Finder tool.  Be sure to select baseball, softball, or challenger before searching as zones (boundaries) vary by division. Our baseball zone goes north to E. 72nd Street, while softball terminates at E. 96th street.

Little League International’s intention is for children to play within their home league unless extenuating circumstances or logistics make it too difficult to participate in their home league. If your player is not zoned for PSLL and you wish to make a request for a waiver to play in PSLL’s spring league, you must submit an email to requesting a Residency waiver. Please note that requesting a waiver is a multi-step process and they are only granted for exceptional circumstances. In your email, please detail the reasons you need to play in PSLL instead of your home league.  Both your zoned League President and PSLL President must approve and sign the waiver.  If both leagues agree to the waiver, it will then be sent to our District Administrator for consideration. If you intend to request a waiver please do so without delay.

 Little League International does not allow players under a Residency Waiver to participate in post-season play such as the District 23 Tournament. The waiver is for recreational play only.

Please email if you have any questions.